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Air Brushed Spray Tanning

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Enjoy a holiday glow all year round with STAR CLINICS exclusive organic air-brushed sculpted spray tanning system, providing a natural even olive toned tan.

We pride ourselves in ensuring you feel comfortable and relaxed, so you can enjoy your new silky olive skin. 

Supplement your tan with a take home products from the STAKSKIN CARE Body range. Our natural body care products are formulated specifically to enhance the life of your tan, perfect for maintaining your flawless glow.

How It Works

The advanced formula dries quickly leaving no feeling of residue on the skin only leaving a light vanilla fragrance. The organic formula allows your skin to breathe, giving you flawless natural olive tones, which will hydrate and nourish your skin. The tan provides long lasting colour that fades evenly so there’s no blotches and streaks.

Unlike many other tans, our formula leaves you with a natural olive finish that looks like a “real” tan while avoiding the harmful and aging effects of the sun and other man made tanning chemicals. STAR CLINICS tan comes in a range of shades and we also offer double sprays for your convenience.


  • Organic formulation, allowing the skin to breathe
  • Natural olive tones
  • Even flawless coverage
  • No blotches or streaks
  • Long lasting colour that fades evenly
  • Light natural vanilla fragrance
  • Wash off after an hour, perfect for that dinner engagement

Enjoy a natural even olive tan all year round with our exclusive air-brushed sculpted tan.