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Celebrity Brow Transformation

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Give definition to your unique facial features; reshape, design, colour and texturise your brows with our Brow Grooming & Colour Correction service.

How It Works

We focus on correcting and redesigning brows to create a new you. It’s all about creating definition and shape using a combination of tweezing and trimming. We don't wax as this will damage the skin. 

Brow tints are then custom blended to achieve the perfect shade to compliment your skin tone and hair colour. 


·       A defined brow arch and thickness that suits your face and personality

·       A perceived brow lifting

·       More even and consistent brows

·       Brow colour that compliments your hair and skin tone

·       A look that calls attention to your eyes and makes them appear more open

A brow service as unique as your brows themselves! This high-definition detail-focused brow overhaul tames even the most sparse, over-plucked or unruly brows. Individually tailored to suit the wearer, we combine tweezing, tinting and trimming modalities to perfect brows of all shapes and sizes.