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Laser Pigmentation Removal

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The perfect complexion is not just for the stars. At STAR CLINICS we can reveal your new skin from within.

With age and sun exposure your skin can become uneven with pigmentation. Using a medical grade laser we are able to reduce the visible signs of freckles, sun spots, age spots, and melasma from your face and body. 

STAR CLINICS Pigmentation Removal treatments are non invasive, non surgical and clinically proven. So let us turn back the clock recreating more youthful and even toned skin.

How It Works

Laser Pigmentation Removal works by delivering concentrated light to destroy the pigmented cells which are then replaced by a new healthy layer of skin cells as your skin naturally sheds and reproduces new layers. 

We will comprehensively diagnose your pigmentation and skin so we can offer you the most effective and safe treatment option.

A homecare routine to prevent future pigmentation occurring is recommended with STARSKIN CARE.



  • Holistic skin and medical assessment to determine all possible causes pigmentation
  • A tailored treatment plan
  • Reduction and management of pigmentation
  • Safe and comfortable treatments
  • Fast results in minimal treatments
  • Limited post treatment downtime
  • Comprehensive after treatment care and maintenance programs

Precise treatment to target pigmentation including freckles, sun spots, liver spots, destroying pigmented cells revealing new healthy skin.