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Laser Vascular Removal

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Let STAR CLINICS vanish your veins away with a specialised Laser Vascular treatment. This remarkable treatment will treat all your visible veins with no down time required.

We use world renowned Medical Grade Lasers to treat vascular activity including: vascular lesions, leg veins, spider veins, nevi, angiomas and facial capillaries. 

STAR CLINICS Laser Vascular treatments are non invasive, non surgical and clinically proven.

How It Works

Using laser we are able to deliver an intense beam of pure light that is selectively absorbed by the haemoglobin cells in vascular lesions. The heat produced by this absorption injures the lining of the blood vessel. This closes the vessel and as it heals its coloration fades. The wave length of light emitted by the laser ensures that surrounding skin tissue is unaffected.

Generally only one to three treatments are required per vascular target. The number of treatments depends on how your skin reacts to treatment and also the size of the vein, with smaller veins responding more quickly to treatment.



  • Comprehensive vascular assessment
  • Significant or complete removal in visible vascular abnormalities
  • Safe and comfortable treatments using medical grade lasers
  • Fast results in minimal treatments
  • Suitable for a wide range of vascular concerns
  • Minimal post treatment down time

Targets blue veins and fine red capillaries closing the vessel, leaving the surrounding tissue untouched with fast healing and no downtime.

Pre & Post Care

As with any laser treatment, there are risks and possible side effects. Check out our Pre & Post Info Sheet for more details.